Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Very Special Daughters

Yesterday was my birthday.....I have to share what my daughters shared with me because I love it and sometimes we need to feel good about all of our years of mothering.

  • Today is my mom's birthday & I want to stop and embarrass her for a second since I am 6 states away. Why I have a great mom: She supports & loves me no matter what, but corrects me if I am wrong. She works 15 hr days counseling children in the inner city & sees the beauty in every child; she changes their lives. She writes beautifully & she cooks well. She loves God, she forgives, she listens, she learns lessons, & she has taught me, my brother & sister to be ourselves no matter what anyone thinks. She taught us to love others. She has taught me not to deal with bullcrap & she has taught me that I should be the type of woman who pushes through even when things suck. She tells me not to be scared. She always says "You can do it, Britty!" She taught me that my big mouth can serve a purpose when there is injustice and to always stand up when something is wrong. She is always my cheerleader. Every day.
    I love you, Mom. I just wanted everyone to be jealous for a second. Heehee! Don't be mad! Happy Birthday!
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